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Meetings & Events

We provide a range of services
from arrangement of tickets to event management
at our “one-stop shop”.

  • Compliance
  • Supplier negotiation
  • Venue investigation
  • Planning
  • Registration of conference rooms
  • Arrangement of transportation
  • Arrangement of accommodation
  • Setting up sound/image systems
  • Master of Ceremony (MC)
  • Reporting..


We contribute to maximizing the project effects by making the most use of the on-site capacity, strong alliance, and experiences.

Meetings In-house training, seminars, ceremony
for new employees, etc.

We provide an integrated support service that encompasses venue arrangement, operation management, venue set-up, and event team building.



Example: Automobile manufacturer

Purpose Kick-off meeting
Implementation period December 2016
Location Karuizawa
Number of participants 250
  • Day 1

    • Travel from the Tokyo metropolitan
      area / Meeting in the evening
    • Dinner: Welcome party
  • Day 2

    • Morning: Meeting
    • Afternoon: Group discussion
    • Dinner
  • Day 3

    • Return to the Tokyo metropolitan area


Points About half of the participants were from overseas. We produced the meeting with a global trend in mind by installing the latest large-size rear monitor and providing BGM and lighting.

Events Exhibition, observation tour,
company retreat, etc.

We propose events that are appropriate and unique to customers such as exhibitions, annual events, product announcement, labor union tours, and in-house sport events.



Example: Labor union

Purpose Annual leave promotion tour
Implementation period June 2016
Location Okinawa
Number of participants About 130
  • Day 1

    • Travel from 5 locations across Japan to Okinawa. After sightseeing,
      move to a resort hotel in Onnason district.
    • Joint party, lodging
  • Day 2

    • Offer various optional tours. After the options, move to a hotel in Naha city.
    • Individual dinner plan.
  • Day 3

    • Free time until departure.
    • Gather at Naha airport in the afternoon. Return home.
Points The optional tours were golf and marine sport courses (2 types) and sightseeing courses (2 types) so that families, couples, older people and younger people can enjoy. For the second day, we chose a hotel in Naha city which was convenient for dining and shopping to enable the participants to spend the limited free time in a meaningful way. We made the plan for the participants to fully enjoy their valuable annual leave.

Incentive Tour Incentive travel, invitation travel, etc.

We provide services that are rich in hospitality using the know-how accumulated through various experiences including tour planning, customer collection management, and ushering on the day of the event.


Incentive Tour

Example: Corporate electric machinery and apparatus manufacturer/seller

Purpose Invitation travel
Implementation period April 2016
Location Honolulu
Number of participants 130
  • Day 1

    • Travel from various parts of Japan
    • Departure in the evening: from Natira, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka
    • After arrival: City sightseeing (all)
    • Dinner: Welcome Party (gathering by a hotel banquet style)
  • Day 2

    • All day: Optional tours such as sightseeing and golf
    • Dinner: At a teppan-yaki (meat, etc. roasted on a hot plate) restaurant

      ※ No meal coupon available.

  • Day 3

    • All day: Optional tours such as sightseeing and golf
    • Dinner: Farewell party (Dinner cruise)
  • Day 4

    • Morning: Return to various parts of Japan

We respond to requests from customers when making the following arrangements before the travel date.

Optional tour: Golf, sightseeing, activities

We understand the intent of the incentive trip including domestic transportation arrangement, souvenir arrangement, and arrangement of venues for the inauguration ceremony at each departure place and provide a comprehensive service from departure, ushering on-site and returning to the home country in order to meet the demand of the client and each customer.

Inbound Tour In-bound travel

Let us also support in-bound travels of overseas corporations and cooperative enterprises to Japan. Our services include arrangement of transportation and accommodation, arrangement of translators and guided sightseeing.


Inbound Tour

Example: Bank system machine manufacturer

Purpose Invitation trip
Implementation period June 2016
Location Hokkaido
Number of participants 9 [Participating country: China]
  • Tour in the central Hokkaido area for 6 nights 7 days
  • Day 1

    • Travel from China to Shinchitose
  • Day 2

    • Sightseeing course (Tokachi, Obihiro, Kushiro)
  • Day 3

    • Sightseeing course (Akanko, Abashiri, Sounkyo)
  • Day 4

    • Sightseeing course (Kussharo, Furano, Biei)
  • Day 5

    • Sightseeing course (Furano, Biei, Tsurusenkei, Tancho-no-sato)
  • Day 6

    • Sightseeing course (Sapporo city)
  • Day 7

    • From Shinchitose to China
Points We proposed the utilization of a dedicated car for the entire course (accompanied by an interpreter/guide) and the leading hotels in each area. In addition to the basic arrangement for sightseeing, we confirmed the food preference and food allergies of customers beforehand to enable them to enjoy various Japanese foods in the restaurants in the hotels.

Sports Sport groups

We support various professional and armature sport teams. Specialized staff will provide a comprehensive support for the sport team’s activities such as tours, camps, and support tours.



Example: Professional soccer team

Purpose Sport expedition
Implementation period May 2016
Location Hiroshima
Number of participants 30
  • Day 1

    • Travel from the Tokyo metropolitan
    • After arrival, dinner/meeting.
  • Day 2

    • Breakfast/lunch/meeting
    • Game
    • Return to the hotel and have dinner
  • Day 3

    • Travel to the Tokyo metropolitan area


Points We propose the transportation means that cause less stress to players before games. We provide a comprehensive coordination for the sport expedition including the contents of meals (i.e. coordination with the hotels to provide appropriate menu and volume of food at appropriate time in a timely manner).